GoPro Fishing

Had a minute to check emails on the road stopping at a Barnes & Noble (nearly finished current read with days to go plus all week next week vacationing with Katie at the Crater of Diamonds!).  Saw the latest Midcurrent.  I am never interested in all their topics, but I scan them for articles of potential interest.

I will admit to generally passing over video references.  I am not big into watching films of someone doing what I WISH I were doing instead of reading about or watching it.  But with my latest acquisition of the GoPro…so I can, you know, take videos knowing that everyone else in the flyfishing world wants to see mine, of course…I backed up and decided to take a look at the flyfishing film techniques article.

I figured I would look through it to see if there were any videography tips I could incorporate to make my first efforts more creditable.  I should have known when I opened it and read the by line of Hank Patterson that I should skip it and get back on the road.  But the guy is just too funny.  I had to watch it.  If there isn’t one already, I am considering starting the “Crazy Reese” Fan Club.  These guys crack me up.

Tyson Reed

Midcurrent Hank Patterson on Fly Fishing 101