That was a BIG Fish

NASCAR Bob Chambliss asked Ed and I to go to the AMI on 12/28. It was a pretty cold day with pretty chilly water (around 45). The fishing was pretty good but sporadic, you would go on a run then it would shut down. Saw Ed and NASCAR fishing underneath the bridge and Ed was getting a fish on about every cast-it made NASCAR jealous!!!!


Ed was kind enough to leave and I took his spot and only got only 2 in about an hour of fishing. Off and on fishing. And speaking of on-Ed got one of the biggest, if not the biggest ‘bow (look at the pictures) I have ever seen outside of the pellet farms. This bad ‘bow was around 21 to 22 inches and THICK, reminded me of Budcan. I finished with around 18 and got to use my new Scott S4 rod, of which I was very impressed. I’m sure NASCAR and Ed got at least that many (it seemed like Ed pulled 8 or 9 out of that one hole). Be careful wading this time of year the water is cold-ask Ed !!!!!!!!