Spring Fly Casting Clinic

Hi Everyone!
The Spring casting clinic will begin on Saturday, April 13.  I have them scheduled for Saturday this time since we have Mother’s Day and Easter coming up on Sunday.  You will need to bring your own rod.  I will have leaders if you need one.  Here are the details:
Location:  Garrard Landing Park, 8000 Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA  30022
Time:  9:00 to 11:00
Dates:  April 13, April 20, April 27, and May 11
Here is an overview of each class!
April 13 – The 5 Essentials of Fly Casting.  We will go through the 5 Essentials and work on shorter casts and good power application.  I will talk some about loop control and the different types of loop shapes.  If you want to get a better understanding before the class go watch all 5 Essentials here:  
Essential 1 – Slack Line – https://youtu.be/MRxehBEnCX8
Essential 2 – Timing – https://youtu.be/TPG12-IJxSA
Essential 3 – Vary the Casting Arc – https://youtu.be/TPwcnGXrnWA
Essential 4 – Power Applicaton – https://youtu.be/x5WWBvEaU40
Essential 5 – Straight Line Path – https://youtu.be/0eBlMG2Ds9Q
April 20 – 35-40′ casts working more on good power application.  We will talk some about fly lines and explain the different tapers and why you would want to use them.
April 27 – Accuracy – This class will focus on accuracy and how to change trajectory to hit targets at different distances while maintaining good loop control.  This will be a good time for more advanced casters to join the clinic.  
May 11 – Double Haul – Introduction to the Double Haul.  This will be another good class for advanced casters to join in.  

I hope to see everyone back from the clinic that Bill did last year as well as some new faces!  If you’re already Intermediate to Advanced please feel free to come out to any of the classes.  
See you there!
Greg Stuart
AFFC Casting Director
FFI Certified Casting Instructor