Holcomb Bridge Report

I was very pleasantly surprised at the turn out for the AFFC club trip from Jones Bridge to Holcomb Bridge this Saturday. I wish the fishing had been as good as the participation. The club generally has a local club trip the weekend following club meetings. The purpose of these trips are to help introduce new members to other club members.

Eric, Dwight, Mark, Ed, Korey, and Greg waded. From what I heard the best catching from a wader was around 5 and it went down to 2 or 3. Pretty tough fishing. But we did have some significant events. Eric did really well after his hip replacement-a bit sore, but hung in there and the future is bright. And speaking of a bright fly fishing future, Korey got his first trout on a fly rod-way to go Korey!

Phil, Ron, Milton, Mike, Steve, and JD floated and the catching was not much better. The most we got was around 10 and it went down to 5 or 6. Again tough fishing. But I think everybody had a great time and it was good to be out on the water.
Join us next time for an AFFC trip.

This is Korey’s first Trout

[wppa type=”photo” photo=”211″ size=”550″][/wppa]