Fly Fishing Check List


Instructions:  Please place an “X” or a “√” in the blank.  If not applicable, please write “NA” in the blank.

____ Fishing license/permit

____ Fly rod & storage case

____ Fly reel

____ Fly vest, chest pack, or lanyard

____ Leader(s)

____ Tippet(s)

____ Nippers

____ Forceps

____ Split shot

____ Floatant

____ Strike Indicators

____ Zingers

____ Knot Tying Tool

____ Proper assortment of flies

____ Fly boxes

____ Landing net (with magnetic retractor)

____ Waders

____ Wading belt

____ Wading staff

____ Wading boots

____ Boot guards

____ Bungee cords for the boot guards

____ Cap/hat (regular cap, thermal cap, cap with neck shades, etc., according to the weather)

____ Polarized sunglasses (including a glasses strap)

____ Buff

____ Gloves

____ Stringer

____ Measuring “tape”

____ Weight scale

____ Digital camera

____ Thermometer for measuring water temperature

____ Insect repellent (preferably deet-free repellent to minimize chemical degradation of fly line)

____ Sunscreen/sunblock, when necessary (SPF of at least 15, may want to go higher)

____ Proper fishing shirt and pants/shorts (depends on the season and/or weather)

____ Plastic sandwich bags (for protecting fishing license, electronic car keys, and cell phone)

____ Dry bags for clothing/gear

____ Complete change of clothes

____ Lunch

____ Bottled water, soda, juice, etc.

____ Beer

____ More Beer