Fishing Report on the Tuck

June 1st, 2013

This past Wednesday and Thursday Eric Davis and I went up to the ‘Tuck with NASCAR. The generation schedule was supposed to be favorable and the DH is drawing to a close. On Wednesday we were greeted with pretty high water, which kept the dry fly action down (although we heard that around dust it was great).

Eric got 4 on a dry (Eric calls it 3 and 1/2 because one was a chub). Nascar did pretty good with 20 something. I worked hard to get a dozen. The lightning bug, small black stonefly, and soft hackle hare’s ear were the flies to have. The next day we were disappointed to find the generation schedule had changed and we were fighting high water all day. Slow fishing but I did manage 9-10. Both Eric and Nascar caught fish, and again the soft hackle hare’s ear, lightning bug and small black stone fly were the flies to have.

The fishing was so slow on the ‘Tuck that Seahunt and I hit Buford Dam on Saturday. It started out as slow as the ‘Tuck but really picked up in the afternoon. I know we had numbers in the high 20’s and the flies to have were again the soft-hackled hare’s ear and the copperhead soft hackle. I fished dry-dropper all day and even got a couple on the Stimi Caddis Hopper. There were enough risers that I think if you had targeted them with a dry, you would have gotten some action.