Welcome to Atlanta Fly Fishing Club web site.

In an effort to continually improve our site, please pass along your feedback on anything related to it’s content, layout, inclusions or exclusions. Since we do not have a formal site content committee, it’s up to the members of AFFC to make their comments known to the Editor — or to any of the other AFFC Officers.  Live links to club officers via email can be found on the Officers page.

Help us improve our online presence for the future. A web site is extremely powerful at creating “community” so use it by exploring the many links and informational pages.

Use AFFC “Yahoo! Groups” to share, or receive, current information that is distributed rapidly via email. Visit the Friends of AFFC section of the site which is a one-stop center for those businesses and organizations that support the sport of fly fishing, the Chattahoochee River and our members at AFFC. Most are local but some are destination oriented.  Lastly, be sure to visit the resources section for a quick look at important phone numbers, Hooch Access Points and Release Flows. Again, let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see added or revised on the site.

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