Atlanta Fly Fishing Club Mentor Program

The Atlanta Fly Fishing Club Mentoring Program was started by JD Forrester, a long time member of the club with the purpose of introducing new members to veteran members while also providing fly fishing expertise on local rivers like the Chattahoochee River. Our club is all about education and camaraderie and each of these new members are paired with a mentor that they can reach out to for advice in the future.

Members of the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club got together March 2nd at Paces Mill along the Chattahoochee River for a mentoring day.   Even though the weather was cold and cloudy with snow flurries we had an excellent turn out for our Mentor Day on the Hooch. Thanks to JD Forrester for organizing a great day.

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Following is his account:

“We were greeted with cold temps and spitting snow, but that did not keep the intrepid AFFC mentors and mentees from meeting. I think the session was a success with many things being learned and even some fish were caught.

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I want to thank John Jenkins, Jimbo Jim McKean, Steve Miller, Jim Harrington, Linda Harrington, Ken Louko, David Nixon, Tom Shillock, Holly Shikano, and Terry Shikano for being great mentees. A special thanks to Dwight Thomas, Eric Davies, Ed Chamberlain, Milton Sams, Tyson Reed, Mike Williams and Bob Hansell for being great mentors!”

JD Forrester

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Mike Worley – Oct 12th

Wed, Oct 12th at 7:00 p.m. Meeting at Manuel’s Tavern. Topic:  Georgia Wildlife Federation regulatory and legislative policy issues affecting hunting and fishing. Bio: Mike Worley,

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