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Fly Casting Instructions – April 9 Meeting begin at 5:00 hosted by Ed Chamberlain

Ed, one of the club’s certified FFF fly casting instructors will be hosting sessions at Manuel’s parking lot at 5:00 preceding the club meeting with Gordon Tharrett.

Tune up your cast!  Just beginning or experts …. you can benefit from his instruction.

April 9, 2014 Club Speaker – Gordon Tharrett – Green River, UT

Gordon has worked a number of rivers over the years, but Utah’s Green River has been his home waters since 1993.  He is also one of the most highly rated guides on the river with repeat visitors extending over 15 years.  He operates and guides out of Green River Outfitters which serves the Flaming Gorge section of the Green.  Traveling to Flaming Gorge is one of the most scenic sections of the country if one lands in Salt Lake.  The Gorge is also unique with some of the most crystal clean water that lets you sharply see fish 15′ below the raft.  The fishing is EPIC!!!

This photo of Trout Creek Flies/Green River is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Flaming Gorge River courtesy of pinterest

This photo of Flaming Gorge courtesy of pinterest

March 12, 2014 Club Speaker – David Edens; Fishing the Georgia coast for Tripletail

Capt. David Edens is the Coast Guard licensed captain of Fly Cast Charters and is an Endorsed Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide. He has received 5 out of 5 ratings on the Orvis sight. A typical day of fishing with Captain Dave will be spent sight casting to feeding or cruising red fish. If the tides are high enough, we will look for Tailers on the many grass flats in the area. As the tide changes, we will target either Redfish or Trout with a fly rod or light tackle.

Tripletail reach a maximum size of 40 pounds although the average size is much smaller. Tripletail, as the name implies, have a body that appears to have three tails. This is actually just the anal and dorsal fins. Tripletail are common in the Gulf of Mexico but are a species that gets little fishing pressure. Most tripletail are caught as an incidental catch by anglers targeting lemon fish or sometime snapper fisherman if they happen to be in the right place at the right time and stay alert.

David Edens fishing for red fish in St. Simons Island

Also, the warm water crew will be announcing a kayak fly fishing trip to St. Joe’s for May 1-5th. As for what you’re fishing for, it’s mostly sea trout, ladyfish and red fish. There will also be some pompano, whiting, the occasional sighting of a cobia, flounder, sea bass and a host of “others” depending on where in the bay or gulf you choose to fish. Seven to nine weight rods are a good choice with a floating line handling most situations. A intermediate and a type IV full sink could come in handy if you get into some deeper water.

Most of the fishing will be in five feet or less or water. The bay side is glass clear where the gulf side is clear to murky depending on the surf. A boat of some sort (canoe, kayak john boat or power boat) will make fishing easier. There are areas that you can wade or even walk the beach but a boat widens the possibilities. I did very well out of a fifteen foot canoe last time. I fished a ten foot leader tapered to 1X and did not have a bite tippet. But I only caught reds, trout and ladies. I would suggest a spool of 30 – 60 lb hard mason for bite tippets if you want to cast at the cobia. Wire is needed if you run into mackerel. If you have any questions just e-mail me.

Craig & Jim Corbett


February 12, 2014 Club Speaker – Rus Schwausch of EPIC Angling & Adventure

MEETING CANCELLED due to weather.

Due to the expected icing, we are canceling our monthly talk at Manuel’s for the safety of our members and that of our speaker who would be driving down from Knoxville. This marks only the second time since 1990 that we cancelled a meeting so we are glad 19 of us had a chance to get together at JD’s glacier fishing trip this past weekend on the Nantahala.

See you in March!

EPIC Angling & Adventure offers fly-fishing adventures in one of the most isolated coastal fishing areas in Alaska. It is also one of the best places in the world to pursue chrome-bright, ocean-fresh silver salmon. The SAFARI camp is a true outdoorsman experience and a separation from all the things that business and technology do to clutter our daily life. Come out to Manuel’s and share the adventure. The area is noted as “one of the fifty places to fly fish before you die”.

Epic Anglers location

Aerial View of Nakalilok Bay Valley

See more about Rus’ operation in this video: Epic Angling and Adventure

January 2014 Club Speaker – Captain Charlie Beadon, Coastal Fly Fishing

Our January 8, 2014 Atlanta Fly Fishing meeting we will feature Captain Charlie Beadon and be will be on coastal fly fishing opportunities near Hilton Head, South Carolina. Topics for the meeting include areas and species to fish, equipment and casting requirements.

Captain Charlie Beadon is originally from Daytona Beach, FL but now operates as a saltwater fly fishing guide out of Hilton Head, SC and Key Largo Florida. He is a FFF fly casting instructor with a passion for sight fishing in shallow water and teaching others about fly fishing.

Charlie Beadon can be booked at

Fishing the shallows with Charlie Beadon

Video Fly Fishing near Hilton Head

December 2013 Club Speaker – Ben Moore – Trophy Trout on the Saluda River

December’s Atlanta Fly Fishing meeting features guide Ben Moore who will be speaking about fly fishing in Columbia South Carolina on Wednesday December 11, 2013 at 7 p.m. Most club members start arriving at 5:30.

The Saluda River is one of those “undiscovered” gems of the south. To see why, take a look at Gregg’s fly fishing trip on the river earlier this year where he landed a 22″ brown (see post).

The guide said it was the biggest brown he had seen taken on the river.

The guide said it was the biggest brown he had seen taken on the river.

Ben guides fly fishing float trips and wading trips on the Saluda River in Columbia South Carolina, the Chattooga River, and the Savannah River. He has spent his entire life on these waters and has mastered the secrets to catching trophy fish in local streams. The cold, fast-flowing oxygenated water offers a perfect environment for growth and survival, he said. “I’m catching fish all the way up to the 24-inch range.” Ben guides for East Anglers out of Augusta, Georgia

Come out to Manuel’s and hear Ben as he shares some of his secrets for catching these trophy sized trout.

Video of Ben

November and December Club Photos 2013

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Midge on the Davidson
Tyson Reed on the Davidson
Rob Kissel on the Davidson
Rob Kissel wi
Nice December day on the Davidson.

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Gregg Goff on the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY 1
That river was slammed full of salmon (and anglers). It was very crowded.
Gregg Goff on the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY 1
That river was slammed full of salmon (and anglers). It was very crowded.
Gregg Goff on the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY 1
Gregg Goff on the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY 1
These salmon were all caught on 8 wt. fly rods using egg (roe) patterns. That river was slammed full of salmon (and anglers). It was very crowded. Still, it was the first time I have ever hooked and landed salmon on a fly rod. Whew! Was it ever a challenge! But, it was a thrill and tons of fun, too! Many memories for a lifetime!
Gregg Goff on the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY 1
These salmon were all caught on 8 wt. fly rods using egg (roe) patterns. That river was slammed full of salmon (and anglers). It was very crowded. Still, it was the first time I have ever hooked and landed salmon on a fly rod. Whew! Was it ever a challenge! But, it was a thrill and tons of fun, too! Many memories for a lifetime!
Basket of Trout from Lake Burton
Here are some pics from Gregg Goff's most recent fishing outing (October 24th) to Lake Burton. A buddy and I were on Lake Burton. As you probably already know, it is a beautiful north Georgia mountain lake with clean water. It is the only lake in the state that is regularly stocked with trout. Other lakes may have trout in them, but they are not stocked by federal or state entities to my knowledge. It was cold the first few hours (in the 30s). It became mild around late morning. The only error in the pictures is that the year in each picture should be 2013, not 2012. My hands were cold and the gloves I put on were bulky, hence making programming the date difficult (little buttons on the camera). Gregg
Lake Burton Trip with Gregg Goff
The trout were caught with my 7 wt. fly rod and three different flies - a black/green conehead wooly bugger with some flash, a Cowens Coyote, and a Small Craft Fur Minnow. They also nipped at one a top water fly (the yellow popper), but they missed the hook. Speed was the name of the game with these browns. I had to strip unusually fast to get them to bite. If I slowed down or stopped the trout would turn away. The appearance of "prey escaping" likely triggered the trouts' predatory instinct.
Lake Burton Trip with Gregg Goff
The spotted bass were caught with live bait on bait casters (with depth counters).
Lake Burton Trip with Gregg Goff
Lake Burton Trip with Gregg Goff
Lake Burton Trip with Gregg Goff
Many luxury homes on Lake Burton with no one in them!
Lake Burton Trip with Gregg Goff
Lake had few boats on it all day
Lake Burton Trip with Gregg Goff
Great views of the mountains

November 2013 Club Speaker – Alex Bell – AB’s Fly Fishing Guide Service

November’s Atlanta Fly Fishing meeting features guide Alex Bell. November 13, 2013 at 7 p.m.

The Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail features some of the best trout waters in the Great Smoky Mountains. The trail covers 15 excellent spots for catching brook, brown and rainbow trout. Alex Bell is a fishing guide, educator and adaptive Fly Fishing Practitioner who helped create the concept of the trail in conjunction with the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. Come out to Manuel’s to learn how you can take advantage of this fly fishing opportunity.


Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.04.48 AM

AFFC Casting Instructions

Ed Chamberlain, a certified fly casting instructor, will be teaching casting prior to all club meetings. Last month Ed invited members to arrive early for the meeting and work on casting skills between 5-6 p.m. Interested members should meet him in Manuel’s parking lot near the Bank of America ATM machine at 5, bring your favorite rod, and we’ll walk down to the grassy area along Freedom Parkway.

If you are new to the area or just picking up the sport of fly fishing, join us at Manuels Tavern on the second Wednesday of each month (7 pm start), and become a new member. You are going to feel welcome as soon as you walk into the meeting as Dwight will greet you and introduce you to other members. Missing some gear? The club also has a for sale table at each meeting and you can enter to win one of the many raffle items that often include a new Orvis fly rod.

October fly fishing meeting features bamboo fly rod maker Bill Oyster

Fly fisherman from around the world know Bill Oyster from the quality of his rods. The craftsmanship is suburb. He and his wife ran the rod building shop in Blue Ridge for many years. In the past couple of years, he purchased the former Unicoi Outfitters Blue Ridge location a few doors north of him. The rod shop has some other high quality clothing and items in addition to his rods. The fly shop offers flies, equipment, clothing, local fishing conditions, and a connection to a number of local guides.

In addition to his building of custom bamboo rods, he offers bamboo rod building classes which many of our club members have taken.

There is a great writeup about Bill in Garden & Gun

It was clear that, like every other rod maker I’d met, Bill Oyster was a perfectionist; there’s no other way to do this. Making a fine bamboo fly rod takes forty, sixty, eighty hours of highly skilled work, and Bill spends an additional week peering into a microscope to add the complex engraving on all his nickel silver fittings. “It’s hard to think artistically when you’re just trying to eat, keep the power on,” he said. “So yeah, maybe I’m obsessive-compulsive. Not with other things — I mean, it’s not as if I get up, make the bed, tuck my shirt in. But with this, every rod I make I want to make it better. I throw away ninety percent of the bamboo I buy, burn it in the backyard. If there’s a blemish in it, it drives me nuts.”

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